About Dr. Mary Ellen Johnson, RScP

“Life is easy when you share what you love and teach what you know.” – this has been my motto for many years and the foundation of how I live and what I teach.  

My true passion is assisting people in accessing their inner truth and claiming their birthrights of radiant well -being and successful living. 

  I’m a world traveler and an avid pilgrim – I’ve walked across Spain and trekked on foot in Italy to the home of St. Francis of Assisi, and walked across the plains of France to Chartres to walk the labyrinth there.  

In mid-life I went back to school to satisfy my curiosity about how life works, and along the way earned my Doctor of Ministry degree in Wisdom Spirituality.  My love for the labyrinth and all it can do as a tool for spiritual growth led me to become a certified facilitator, and my love for the way new thought teachings have changed my life, I became a Religious Science Practitioner.
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