As a mentor, Gayle Dillon works with people to reclaim their power over any addictive behavior. No one says, when they’re 6 or 7 years old, “I’m gonna grow up and have a problem with alcohol, drugs, food, sex, social media, gambling” etc. Being an addict isn’t something a person consciously chooses, and it is a disease that most people don’t understand. Gayle understands because she manages her own recovery daily.

Have you gone through life wondering; is this is good as it gets? Me, too!

Have you anesthetized yourself from reality because it’s easier than facing facts? Me, too. 

Have you allowed yourself to be victimized because you are your own worst enemy? Me, too.

I’m Gayle Dillon; actually I’m Rev. Gayle Dillon. I know your story; I know your pain AND I know there is a way out. I challenge people where the rubber meets the road, and I won’t sugarcoat the journey. The journey isn’t for lightweights anyway and trust me if you’ve read this’re no lightweight.

It’s time. It’s time to say, “HELL NO! this isn’t as good as it gets, and I deserve better”. It’s time to realize that anesthetizing yourself with drugs, alcohol, sex, shopping (you name it, I’ve done it) isn’t making your life easier; it’s just making hell comfortable. It’s time to quit being your own worst enemy and start being your own best friend.

Interested? I’d love to work with you. The road may get bumpy sometimes, and you didn’t sign up for a smooth ride, anyway.
What Type of People Use Gayle as a Mentor?

A large percentage of Gayle’s mentoring clients are people who wake up and realize life is passing them by. Her clients range from teens to people who have tons of life experience. Gayle’s gift is in inspiring and empowering people to reclaim their power over their addiction (s).
Personal Mentoring with Gayle Dillon:

Mentoring with Gayle is not to be confused with therapy. She is not a counselor, a therapist, or a physician. Gayle will not diagnose you or treat you. Gayle is not an attorney and will not give you any legal advice.
Gayle’s mentoring sessions include a spiritual component which is tailored towards the beliefs of her client. Gayle’s goal thru mentoring is for her clients to see themselves as she seems them—spiritual beings having real-life human experiences.
Mentoring entails one-on-one conversations with Gayle via Zoom. Gayle personalizes her work for each individual. Each session includes a combination of practices and disciplines, such as reading, goal setting, meditation, mindfulness practices, and deep self-inquiry. The goal is for each person to reclaim their power over their addiction, no matter what that addiction may be.


Are you looking for a compassionate and caring minister to officiate your special occasions? Look no further! As an Ordained New Thought Minister, I am here to help you celebrate and honor the significant moments in your life.

Whether you're planning a wedding, a vow renewal, a commitment ceremony, a baby blessing, or any other milestone event, I will bring a heartfelt touch to your celebration. With my background in New Thought principles, I approach each ceremony with an uplifting and inclusive approach, honoring the uniqueness of every individual and their beliefs.

Imagine a beautiful wedding ceremony that reflects your love story and values, tailored to your preferences and wishes. Or picture a baby blessing that welcomes your little one into the world with love and positivity. As an Ordained New Thought Minister, I have the experience and expertise to create and officiate ceremonies that are meaningful, memorable, and personalized just for you.

Furthermore, I believe that happiness and love should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. Therefore, I am committed to serving all individuals, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or cultural background. Love knows no boundaries, and I strive to create a safe and inclusive space for all.

Ready to bring your vision to life? Reach out to me today and let's start planning an unforgettable celebration that truly reflects your unique story and beliefs. Together, we will create a sacred space where love, joy, and connection thrive.

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