About Rev. Gayle Dillon

Life should be/IS fun! Right? It took me a l-o-o-o-ng time to figure that out. Hi, I'm Rev. Gayle Dillon. When I found Centers for Spiritual Living (Religious Science at the time) I was looking for something, anything to bring me back to life - what I found was a Spiritual Teaching that allows you to live your life to the fullest in any way you choose......if you choose to do the work. 

That's what Practical Everyday Wisdom CSL is here for. We are here to do the work! Like our founder, Ernest Holmes, we encourage you to spend your Saturdays/Sundays with whatever religious organization you choose. We're here to teach! How do we live a life of Love, Kindness, and Service? That's what Practical Everyday Wisdom CSL is all about.

We encourage you to sign up for one of our classes or one of our discussion groups. Learning and discussing is what keeps us connected and it's why we've chosen to be a CSL Teaching Center, like Ernest Holmes, we want to give people the tools to live their best lives possible.

β€œIt should be considered right to live and enjoy living. To be well, happy, and to express freedom, is to be in accord with Divine Law and Wisdom.” ― Ernest Holmes


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