About Rev. Burney H Campbell

Today just like everything, the rotation and the speed of everyday life continue to challenge us to keep up with it.  The hour of the day does move at the same rate as the minute.  Wouldn’t it be nice to stop, look and listen to what our mind, body, and spirit are saying to us at that very moment?  Too many of us do not take the time to do that. 

Hello, my name is Rev. Burney H. Campbell, and I am here to tell you about this website and Practical Everyday Wisdom CSL.  I place not so much a physical place but a place to go that you already have inside of you.  This is a place where you can take a breath, relax, and connect with the universe, your interpersonal being. 

That is what Practical Everyday Wisdom is all about reawaking that place and providing you the space and tools to do so.  This is not a religion with judgment; it is a philosophy that shows you the tools you already have within you to live the life you want and deserve.  With Rev. Gayle Dillon and using a medication, classes, and online support, nothing can stop you.  If this sounds like something you want in your life, there is no other place to look but inward, and Practical Everyday Wisdom will provide a path for you to revisit repeatedly. 

I believe that you are in total control of who and what you are and where you are heading.  By refreshing yourself to these basic principles and putting them to practical use, you will enhance your inner self and feel more connected to who you are, so come and join us here at Practical Everyday Wisdom CSL. 

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