Sitting in the expansiveness of the Universal Mind and connecting to all that is, all that ever was and all that ever will be, I am filled to overflowing with gratitude. The perfection of God lives and breathes and has its existence in and through and as me. The abundance of the Universe expresses Itself all around me.

I am open to new opportunities and experiences. I am willing to take risks and step outside of my comfort zone. I know that my abundance is waiting for me, and I am excited to receive it.

I am grateful for the abundance of the universe. I know that there is more than enough to go around, and I am willing to share my abundance with others. I am a channel for the flow of abundance, and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my gifts with the world.

I am abundant in love, joy, peace, health, and prosperity. I am grateful for all that I have, and I know that my abundance is growing every day.

My heart remains open as I give thanks for all the good in my life knowing my Good, is my God.

I release these words knowing that as it is spoken it is already so. The Divine Intelligence has already said yes. I let go, I let god and so it is.


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