In knowing there is only One Life, that life is God; that life is whole, completely, and perfect. And that life is my life now. I know that the peace that surpasses all understanding is within my for I am a unique, individualized manifestation of God in form. I am part of the quantum soup of all life. I cannot exist without it and it cannot exist without me.

I claim right here and now that I stand tall and confident in all my experiences. I allow myself to have clear boundaries that are expressed lovingly and clearly. I refuse to take things personally for I know that everyone is doing the best they can with the tools and information they have been given. I am seeing through the eyes of God and I know the eyes of God are looking back and seeing me. I am choosing to be a better version of myself every single day because I know there is always room for my consciousness to grow and expand.

I give thanks for this clarity of purpose and peace of mind that expresses through me now.

I release these words into the law knowing that love shows the way and the law makes that way possible. I let go and I let God And so it is!


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