I know the power, the presence, the One Life that is God is me. It is over me, around me, through me, as me. There is no separation there is only One. This one is Love, therefore I am loving and I am loved. All God is, I AM.

I speak my word now knowing this connection, this unconditional love; it has always been, it will always be and it is here with me now. I don't have to seek which already exists, I just need to know. When I know this Divine Presence within, I know and see God all around me. This knowing brightens my day and lightens my load. When I truly know God, I know Love.

I give thanks for this deep connection and knowing to the One Power, the One Presence, the One Mind, the One Heart, the One Life, God as it seeks its manifestation through me and all things everywhere.

I release these words into the Law knowing as it is spoken it is done. I let go, I let God and So It Is.


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